Golf Genie saved me twice this Saturday!

One of the main reasons we created Golf Genie is because we, the founders need it ourselves!  I used my Golf Genie twice this past Saturday – one for a fairway bunker shot and the other to hit a dramatic draw around a set of trees.

I was playing a good round until I hit a poor shot into a fairway bunker.  I hate these shots because I inevitably chunk them and only get about 20 or 30 yards out of the shot.  This time, I was in a fairway bunker with a pretty decent lie about 185 yards from the green.

So, I whipped out my Golf Genie and quickly referenced the “Fairway Bunker” section.  Here was the tip:

1.) Grip down on club.  Take one more club than usual and swing smoother.  (So I took out my hybrid instead of 5 iron)

2.) Distribute weight evenly

3.) Position ball in middle of stance (this was helpful as I usually put my ball further up in my stance about 2 balls off my left heel for my hybrid shots)

4.) Stand “tall” to avoid striking sand first – strike ball cleanly (this was a great tip and reminded to clip tha ball cleanly)

The result?  The best fairway bunker shot I have ever had – a beautiful draw that landed about 5 feet to the right of the green.

The second time Golf Genie saved me was on the 17th hole where we had a dramatic right to left dog leg.  I was eager to at least par this hole as I usually bogey it.  I knew that a really nice draw would position me to reach the green in 2.  I hit a natural draw, but I really needed a “Tiger-esque” one to position me well.  So, again I referenced my Golf Genie.  Here was the golf tip to hit a “draw.”

1.) Alignment is right of target

2.) Swingpath is in-to-out

3.) Assume a “strong” grip position to encourage right to left ball flight.  Grip club slightly more “loose” to produce more “release.”

4.) At address, aim clubface directly at target.  Execute swing along body line.

The result? Well, I achieved my objective, almost a little too well!  I hit a fairly severe draw with my driver, which landed about 30 yards left than my target position.  I attribute this to too strong a grip, which I will remember the next time.  Regardless, I was still in a great position and when on to par the hole.

The Golf Genie’s golf tips works.  Total time to absorb these tips – about 5 seconds.

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