Tip of The Week: Keeping Your Head Centered

By Tyler Olson

Keeping the head still during the swing is important to catching clean contact on the ball for every golfer, especially for short game and putting. Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have some vertical head movement in their swings because they use the ground as leverage to hit their obscenely long drives and towering iron shots. However, most of us are not Tiger and Rory. Rather than looking at Tiger and Rory, lets see what Arnold Palmer says: “I’m a big believer in keeping the head still. It applies to every shot with every club.” Jack Nicklaus agrees with Palmer and remarks, “Keeping the head still is golf’s one unarguable, universal principal.” In putting, a still head can reduce pulls or pushes, while on full swings and chips, a still head eliminates chunks and thins.

In order to tell if your head moves in your swing, take a face on swing video using the GOGI Swing Pro app (Android Swing Pro App) (iPhone Swing Pro). After taking a video, use the circle tool in the swing analyzer to mark head position at address. This becomes a reference point for how much the head moves during the swing. For the individual below, his head has little to no lateral movement and hbhj

about three inches of vertical movement at the top of the backswing. His head, however, returns perfectly to its original position at impact. Many people do believe that some head movement behind the ball is permissible, and that’s true as long as the golfer can return to his original position at impact and repeat that motion every time. That may prove difficult except for the very best of golfers, like Tiger and Rory. If the body and head are in the same position at impact as address, you’re much more likely to hit ball in the center of the clubface, and that’s easiest to do with a still head.

If after analyzing your swing you see that you happen to struggle with keeping your head still, a great tool to use to fix that problem is EyeLoc Golf GearThis is especially a phenomenal aid for putting and short game shots.  EyeLoc is a pair of sunglasses with vertical slits cut in the lenses. Those slits will place either one sharp line or two separate lines brighter than the rest of your field of vision on the ground depending on

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.21.00 PM

how you adjust the lenses as you address the ball. These will provide reference points so you can see how much your head moves as you swing. Once you get the feel for swinging with your head still with the glasses on, you can replicate that feeling with the glasses off. This enables you to keep your head still easier while limiting any specific swing thoughts that you might otherwise need to achieve the same results.

The folks at EyeLoc have provided Golf Swagger and GOGI readers with the opportunity to purchase EyeLoc glasses at 10% off by using the code MYGOGI at checkout on http://www.eyeloc.com. These glasses are a great tool for any teaching pros who want a go to training aid for their students, an everyday player trying to shoot lower scores, or anybody looking to tighten up his or her technique with limited swing thoughts.

***Full Disclosure: The swing shown above is a swing video of me taken by my teaching pro, Bill Hoffman, at Beaver Creek Country Club in Washington County, Maryland. Keeping my head still has always been one of my largest swing flaws and that video above was taken after working with EyeLoc for about a week. It helped me significantly in gaining the feel for keeping my head still and as a result I am currently hitting the ball more flush and with more trajectory than I ever have. That shot was a very high 155 yard 9 iron with a 3 yard draw; exactly what I want***

Learn More About EyeLoc and GOGI Apps:

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