Eight Things to do While Watching the Masters

By Tyler Olson

1) Bring some non-golfer friends over to watch

The Masters is the best week in golf. The pageantry and tradition, the beauty of the course, and the insane talent of all the players in the field make it the perfect opportunity to expand the game. Have a Masters watch party at your house and invite some of your friends who may not be too interested in the game. If you’re a bad cook or can’t exactly entertain at your place, then no worries. Head over to the nearest sports bar, order some nachos, wings, and age-appropriate beverages, then take in the tournament on one of the twenty-zillion TV’s most of those places have. Even if your friends aren’t golf nuts like you after watching the Masters, then at the very least it will be a good time.

2) Practice your putting

If you have a carpeted surface and a table leg, then you can stand there in front of the TV and practice your straight three-footers for hours. It might not be the most exciting thing to do, but the monotony will no doubt be broken up by what’s happening on the TV. Doing this also solves the age-old conundrum of whether to play golf or watch golf: ¿Por qué no los dos? If anything, you may be a better putter by time you get back to the course next week.

3) Eat a pimento cheese sandwich

The pimento cheese sandwich is a staple of the concession stands at Augusta National. The delicious blend of cheddar, mayo, pimento peppers, and other yummy stuff spread across a couple slabs of white bread is enough to get your mouth watering just thinking about it. You can buy some at your local grocery store, or, for the truly ambitious, you can try to make some pimento spread from scratch from the recipe here. Unfortunately, whatever you do, it will probably cost more than the bargain $1.50 charged at the tournament.


4) Do golf exercises with the GOGI Swing Pro app

We see Rory, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, and others getting fully involved in hardcore workout programs. While you may not be trying to get as buff as these guys, being fit can always help your game. The GOGI Swing Pro app has dozens of strength and flexibility exercises, most of which you can do while in front of the TV, watching the Masters.

5) Download the Masters App

Except for those lucky enough to be retired, most of us will have to be in school or work on Thursday and Friday. Never fear, because Augusta National, Inc. came in clutch with the official Masters Tournament app. You will get a live simulcast of the network broadcast, live streams from the par three contest, a channel for Amen Corner, holes 15 and 16, and a live scoreboard for the whole darn thing. This app gives you all the tools you need to not miss a second of the action. Except for the ability to make it look like you’re working while you’re clearly focused on the golf. That’s on you.

6) Injure yourself or get sick

From personal experience, the week of a major tournament is the perfect time to be laid up on the couch. I had my wisdom teeth taken out on the Thursday of the 2014 US Open and for the next four days I seldom left my spot on the couch as I watched Martin Kaymer absolutely tear up Pinehurst #2. This past December, I had surgery to repair damage to my shoulder. There wasn’t any PGA Tour stop that weekend and I was bored out of my skull. So, if you plan on breaking a bone or catching the flu anytime soon, now is the time to do it.

7) Annoy your friends with Bubbamojis

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Bubba Watson is a funny guy. If you don’t appreciate the absurd comedy of the Golf Boys videos, then I want to have you submit a DNA test so we can make sure that you’re human and not part of the robot overlords coming here to take over the planet. Mr. Watson’s latest antics include the release of an app similar to the ever-so-popular emoji app. Now, you can respond to texts from your crush with a Bubba Watson caricature winking and sticking out his tongue. What a time to be alive. I, for one, will be expressing every single emotion that the Masters elicits from me exclusively through Bubbamojis all weekend.


8) Scroll Twitter and Facebook

There’s all kinds of great golf comedy and analysis out there on social media. From in depth articles to snarky 50-character hot takes, you can simply ride the waves of golf-cyberspace all day and not get bored. Following @PGATOUR @TheMasters on Twitter should be a good start. Get engaged and join the robust online golf community. Plus, we interns here at GOGI really appreciate when you like and retweet our stuff. So would ya do that? Pretty please?

What will you be doing whilst watching this year’s tournament? We will be sharing our favorites and maybe adding yours to the list! Send us yours on Twitter (@mygogi) or Facebook!

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