Happy Birthday, John Daly

By Tyler Olson

“It really wasn’t that bad of a drive. Then I tried to hit two three-woods over the water and then bailed out left. Shanked a seven-iron from there. Got up and down for a 12. It was a good 12.”- John Daly

                  A loud bang is heard in the background. Heads turn to the source of the sound. Bright orange and red flames emanate from the ground while a thick plume of smoke rises above them. Was it a gunshot? A bomb? Nobody can tell.

Finally, the cigarette smoke begins to waft away and the true cause of the commotion becomes clear. It was just John Daly, clad in his fire-laden Loudmouth pants, launching a drive into the yonder.

Yes, that’s right, it’s John Daly’s birthday, so it’s time to appreciate the heck out of the big guy. The multitalented long-ball hitter, country singer, partier, and trend setter is turning the big five-oh.

Daly has always walked to the beat of his own drum, and, while the level of play on tour nowadays is now doubt largely due to all the Tiger Woods disciples growing up, we probably owe a lot of the contemporary culture in our new-school PGA circuit to Daly. With his colorful dress and absurd backswing, he was Bubba Watson before Bubba Watson was Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler before Rickie Fowler was out of elementary school.


                  His swing and the colors are just part of Daly, however. His unabashed tobacco consumption, raucous partying, awesome country songs, and no (cares) given attitude turned him into a folk hero of rebellion for golfers and non-golfers alike. I mean, the guy went on live radio and called his employer’ policies, “a big joke,”. That, and everything else he does, takes some cojones that the rest of us just don’t have, so we’ll have to live vicariously through him.

Make sure on this national holiday that you take the time to appreciate the man who’s always Hit it Hard.

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