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We are appreciative to have another solid review this time by Blaine Ballard at “addicted2golf” a great resource on everything involving the sport we love.  Here is a link to the review – Addicted2Golf Golf Genie Review.

Also, below is the review in full:

Product Review: Golf Genie Pocket Guide

Posted by Blaine Ballard on August 10th, 2010

As a young amateur golfer, a coach once persuaded me to keep a small journal where I’d jot down notes about what worked and what didn’t on any given day on the course or practice range.  This could include anything – basics, swing keys, tips, mental approach, etc.  That journal was something I could always go back to if I was struggling.So, when I received the Golf Genie “Tee to Green” Pocket Guide to review, it brought back some memories.  The concept is still the same, but more professionally done than my ratty, handwritten notebook.

The Golf Genie has information that is organized into three major categories.  The golf basics section reviews and reinforces key tee to green fundamentals such as club selection, grip, setup, ball flight and how to hit straight forward shots.  The Golf Advanced Shots section addresses trouble lies and adverse conditions.  The last section, called Golf Quick Fixes, will probably provide the most benefit to weekend golfers and beginners.  It provides detail on the common causes for the ills that plague most golfers including hooks, pushes, slices, push slices, thin shots, fat shots and the shanks.  But, more importantly, it also includes straight forward strategies to neutralize them.

I found the Golf Genie Pocket Guide to be an excellent reference.  It has been ruled by the USGA to be fully conforming to the Rules of Golf during play and so I used it several times on the course to remind me how to play certain shots.  The information provided is written by top PGA teaching professionals and is consistent with instruction I’ve received in the past.

Golf Genie and My Journal

The quality of the product is pretty good.  The Golf Genie is about the size of a score card so it fits in the back pocket easily.  The stock is sturdy and the spiral binding allows for a quick flip of the pages.  My only complaint is the pages should laminated or coated in some way.  The guide didn’t hold up well to the elements or my sweaty paws.

Golf can be a very difficult sport and it can take a lifetime to learn and master even the basic concepts needed to perform at a high level.  The Golf Genie provides all that golf instruction, tips and golf practice drills at your finger tips, which can be a real advantage on the course and off.

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