Winter Reading for Golfers

By Tyler Olson

As winter rolls around and many of us are snowed in for three months- or at the very least locked in a classroom learning how to factor trinomials and identify gerunds- getting on the course every day to keep our golf game sharp becomes difficult. It’s a tragic waste of time. Seriously, what purpose does memorizing the periodic table of elements serve for my golf game? If it doesn’t involve golf, it doesn’t matter. Luckily, there’s a plethora of golf-related learning to be had out there. So whether you’re curling up in front of a fire while the fluffy stuff buries your house or zoning out while your teacher drones on about things clearly not relevant to your life (AKA golf), pick one of these pieces of reading and learn yourself something important.

Golf not perfect rotellaGolf is Not a Game of Perfect, Dr. Bob Rotella

Dr. Bob Rotella a top sports psychologist who consults athletes from PGA Tour golfers to college basketball players and everything in between.  He has volumes upon volumes of books out, all of which are great, but this one is good starting point for someone just learning about mental game on a deeper scale than a two-minute segment from Michael Breed on the Golf Channel.



Golfs Sacred JourneyGolf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia, Dr. David L. Cook

Golf’s Sacred Journey is a novel following the trials and tribulations of an aspiring pro golfer who buckles under pressure right when he’s on the verge of realizing his dreams. The protagonist, Luke, meets an unlikely mentor in a tiny town in the middle of the Texas who not only fixes his golf game, but uses the lessons of the sport to change his perspective on life.



LifeWellPlayedHCA Life Well Played, Arnold Palmer

Arnie is no longer with us, but being the classy guy he was, he left us with one last gift. A Life Well Played was originally scheduled to release on October 24, but the date got moved up after his death. This memoir is a collection of stories and lessons and The King collected over his historic life. Available in hardcover for less than $20 on Amazon, every golfer who cares about preserving the history of the game and moving it to the future should be buying this book. A Life Well Played will be one of those timeless books you can keep on your coffee table forever and pass on to your children and grandchildren.


golf etiquetteGolf Etiquette, The Confident Golfer

Golf etiquette is important. It’s what separates our game from most others. We respect our competitors and are honorable enough to keep our own score. Some people seem to be unable to do that. Get this book for them as the greatest passive aggressive Christmas gift ever.


Rules of GolfThe Rules of Golf, USGA and R&A

While their absurd intricacy has been much maligned over the past year, from the Dustin Johnson incident where his ball may or may not have kinda slightly gyrated on the sixth green of the US Open to Jordan Spieth’s ambiguous non-penalty where some don’t think he took full relief from a puddle at the PGA Championship, The Rules of Golf are still the supreme governing body that we play our game by. You should know them as best as you can. There’s a handy rules of golf smartphone app too. It costs about $3 and can settle any on course rules dispute you may have.

PGWodehouseOrdeal By Golf, PG Wodehouse

A little early 20th century literature never hurt anybody. Ordeal by Golf is one of a plethora of golf related short stories from, in my opinion, one to the most underrated authors of his era in PG Wodehouse. He’s just a quality writer. In Ordeal by Golf, Wodehouse shows the importance of having a strong mental game with a surprising parable about an employer using a round of golf to decide between two possible hires. Just read it, you won’t regret it. Here’s the link to it>>>

We all want to get better at golf. While grinding on the range and the practice green is of course the most effective way to do that, when that’s not possible, don’t get complacent, groom your golf brain instead.

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