There are hundreds if not thousands of golf swing tips available via books, DVDs, websites and the like. From our experience, there are three golf swing tips that if followed regularly, can help prevent many of the typical golf swing faults.

Golf Swing Tip 1: Make sure you are transferring weight properly

A major weight transfer fault is to sway the hips laterally to the right in backswing which shifts weight to left foot. This causes a “reverse pivot” weight transfer fault.  A reverse pivot fault often results in shifting weight to the right foot in finish, another major weight transfer fault.  Both of these weight transfer faults often result in poor golf shots.

The proper weight shift in the full swing results in 80% of weight on the inside of the right foot at the top of the backswing and full weight transfer to the left leg in the finish position. In the backswing, weight is kept on inside of right foot and right knee remains in place, setting up the correct weight shift to the left in downswing.

Golf Swing Tip 2: Keep your swing “on plane” throughout the swing

Every golf swing has an “ideal swing plane” or path that the club travels throughout the backswing and downswing.  A key “on-plane” golf swing tip is that club shaft angle (also known as the “shaft plane”) is in line with the ideal swing plane throughout the swing.

Remember, an above the plane shaft can result in a steep, OUT-IN or “over the top” swing path causing pulls and slices. A below the plane shaft can result in a swing path that is too flat or excessively IN-OUT causing hooks and pushed shots.

So, to improve your golf hooks or golf slices and to help hit the golf ball straight, visualize the swing plane and stay on plane throughout the shot.

Golf Swing Tip 3: Keep body synchronized throughout the swing

In the backswing, the hands, chest and shoulders should be synchronized and move together. When the hands are at hip level, the wrists hinge. On the downswing, the left hip moves to the left slightly and initiates weight shift to the left which drops the right elbow down close to the hip (also known as dropping the right elbow in the “slot”).  This weight shift left leads the upper body through impact and finish.

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