Learning the Game of Golf – Basic Golf Instruction

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What is a beginner to do when he or she desires to learn the game of golf and is exploring taking golf instruction including golf basics and basic golf instruction?

When exploring golf instruction, there are several things to keep in mind including your objectives, learning style and ability to practice golf.

Really think through your golf objectives and how you can best absorb golf basics.  Is your goal to simply be “decent” on the golf course so you can hold you own with friends and business associates? Do you want to be a consistent “80’s” scorer or better? Or do you simply want to play for leisurely purposes irrespective of your golf score?

Once you understand your golf game objectives, take an honest assessment of your learning style. Do you learn best on your own? Or would you be better served to take golf lessons and golf instruction from a certified PGA professional?  Can you afford a series of golf lessons that typically range from $50 to $100 per hour?

To learn the game most efficiently, it is highly recommended that you find a certified PGA professional whose golf instruction philosophy and style aligns with your golf goals and needs. The goal of engaging a golf pro is to study and learn golf basics and use the golf lessons as a foundation to learn the key phases of the golf game including the golf full swing, the short game and the mental game.  Just as important, a certified PGA professional can give you direct feedback on your strengths and challenge areas and outline a golf instruction plan complete with golf basics, golf lessons and golf tips to build up your golf game.

It is well worth your time to conduct some research before selecting a golf professional. Ask your friends, find a nearby golf course that provides golf instruction, check out golf websites and develop a short list of golf pros that seem appropriate. Then talk to those golf pros: let them know your objectives and ask them about their golf instruction approach and style. Before buying a “package” of golf lessons, take one or two introductory golf lessons to see how well you click with the pro.

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