Are Quick Golf Fixes a Myth?

Golf FixesAre there such things as quick golf fixes for faulty swings while you actually play the game?  After all, PGA instructors will tell you that your focus should be on the target of your next shot and not try to fix your swing as you play.  This is true in large part, particularly when you execute your swing. At most, you should have one swing thought going into your swing and as you swing, you should be clear headed and thought-free.  Once you start thinking about the swing as you execute, you are very likely to hit a poor shot.

However, if one or more swing faults creep into your game, it is perfectly acceptable to do a quick diagnosis and try to deploy “quick golf fixes” during your round as a band aid to help you get through your round and minimize the damage.  Then after your round, you can do a deeper analysis of the swing fault and work on it on the range.

For example, one well respected professional golfer was playing in a tournament and was the leader going into the second round.  However, his lower back was in pain and the next morning before his round commenced, had trouble transferring his weight properly when practicing on the range, resulting in fat shots.  So, he deployed his version of a quick golf fix.  Just after impact, he would step toward his target with his right foot, effectively “stepping through the shot.” He stepped through the shot the remainder of the tournament and emerged the winner at the end.  Though unconventional, this quick golf fix helped him get through the tournament until he could solve his back problem.

Another set of quick golf fixes is to make a few adjustments to your swing while you setup for your shot before your swing. For example, if you are hooking the ball terribly and not sure why, simply try “weakening” your grip in your setup and execute your shot.  You may not have fixed the root cause, but weakening your grip may help you straighten your shot in the short run, until you can fully diagnose the problem after your round.

Here is a list of quick golf fixes that you can try in your setup before your shot that may be helpful to help save your score if faulty swings creep into your game:

  • Hooks, Pulls and Pull Hooks – weaken your grip and check that alignment and clubface are square to target
  • Push, Slice, Push Slice – strengthen your grip and check that alignment and clubface are square to target
  • Thin or Fat Shots – Loosen your golf grip, use more club and take more compact, slower swings ensuring good ball contact.

So remember, if swing faults rear their ugly heads during your round, don’t try to fix the problem entirely as you play.  Sometimes a band aid is all you need to get through your round and save your score.

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