Improving your golf swing is a systematic process that can take some time.  However, if you follow these golf swing tips, you will be sure to improve your golf swing in the quickest time possible.

Golf Swing Tip 1: Evaluate and Learn from Your Ball Flight

Understanding your ball flight is critical to evaluating and improving your golf swing.  Your grip, ball position, swing plane swing path and impact position can dictate whether you hook, hit it straight or slice the golf ball. So, to improve your golf swing quickly, first understand the ball flight that results from your golf swing. Then, identify the faults and fixes to ingrain the proper golf swing movements to hit the golf ball to your target every time.

Here is a table that outlines common ball flights, faults that cause that ball flight and quick golf fixes to improve your golf swing:

Table 1: Common Ball Flights, Faults and Quick Fixescommon ball flights, ball flights, golf push, golf slice, golf hook, golf flight pattern, golf push slice, push slice, slice, golf slice, golf hook, golf pull hook, hook, pull hook

Golf Swing Tip 2: Ingrain the Golf Swing Fundamentals

The next step to improve your golf swing is to practice the golf swing fundamentals as often as you can – daily if possible – until the proper golf swing movements are committed to muscle memory.  Then if your golf swing goes awry, you can learn from you ball flight and quickly rehearse the golf swing basics to get back on track.

You can practice the golf swing fundamentals at home, in the office and of course the practice range.  You don’t even need a club.  Simply memorize the following golf swing movements and checkpoints and rehearse them in slow motion up through full speed until they stick.


  • Assume address position
  • Rotate club, body and arms back along your swing plane while shifting your body weight to the inside of your right leg.
  • As hands approach waist, wrists should hinge.
  • At the top of the backswing, check that left arm is straight, 80% of body weight is on inside of right leg and right knee is flexed.
  • Check that your shoulders are turned 90° and hips are turned 30 to 45°


  • First movement of downswing is weight shift to the left, then hips, arms and shoulders unwind to impact.
  • At impact, club is released by unhinging wrists and delivering club head square through ball – keep head behind ball at impact.
  • AS body turns to target through impact, arms and clubs extend down the target line.
  • At finish position, belt buckle faces target; club is wrapped around shoulder; 90% of weight is on left leg with right foot upright on toes.

Golf Swing Tip 3: Practice Your Golf Swing Productively

The next step to improve your golf swing is to practice productively on the practice range alternating between half speed golf swings based on the above golf swing fundamentals and full speed golf swings.  Here is a recommended practice plan to continue to improve your golf swing:

  1. Conduct pre-golf swing warm-up (stretching, warm up drills, full swing checkpoints)
  2. Assume address position and check grip, ball position and posture.
  3. Loosen up and establish golf swing tempo with short chip and pitch shots.
  4. Practice full golf swing at half-speed focusing on the proper golf swing checkpoints above for 4 shots.
  5. For next 4 shots, execute full golf swing emphasizing fluid swing motion.
  6. Continue alternating between 4 practice shots (golf swing fundamentals) and 4 normal shots (fluid swing).

Golf Swing Tip 4: Track Your Progress When You Play

When practicing, you should focus on fundamentals, mechanics and adjustments.  However, when playing you should resist analysis and focus only on the target for your next shot.  However, on your scorecard you should track your golf swing progress.  Is your golf swing solid?  Are you hitting it straight? How many slices, pushes or pulls are you hitting? How is your driving vs. irons play?  Resist trying to fix your golf swing when playing, but analyze your play after your round to set the basis for your golf practice agenda.

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