Great Gadgets to Improve a Golf Getaway by travelingmom

Below is a great review of Golf Genie by the “travelingmom” a website dedicated to moms who travel.

The Golf Genie

golfgenieThe Golf Genie™ is like the cliff notes version of golf…an expert guide you can put in your pocket so that whenever you’re in a tough spot, you can just flip to the section of the book that covers that quandary (they don’t call me Tree for nothing—it’s like my balls have a magnet in them that seems to just draw them to any tree on the course) and get help.  The Golf Genie™ can show you how to get out of that spot and also give you tips for practice so that you’re never there again.  Golf Genie is designed by top PGA professionals for on the course play and off the course preparation, and was even selected by Golf Today Magazine as the 2010 “Golf Product of the Year,” The print version of Golf Genie can be purchased on the web at as well as golf pro shops and retail stores across the US.  And get this. Golf Genie can also be purchased as an iPhone application, available on Apple iTunes, or as a blackberry app starting in May, 2010.

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