Golf Putting Basic Tips

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Pages 28 and 29 from Golf Genie Tee to Green Pocket Guide

Putting can account for 50% or more of your golf score.  So, it is critical to master golf putting basics to achieve your scoring goals.  Here are some key golf putting tips to improve your golf putting distance control, speed and accuracy. Note: the following golf practice drills for putting are for right handed golfers.

Golf Putting Stroke Setup

  1. Setup with the ball just left of center with eyes over the ball and head steady.
  2. The golf putting stroke should have a consistent backswing length and follow-through.  Keep the lower body “quiet” throughout the golf putting stroke.
  3. Use the shoulders with rocking pendulum action and steady tempo throughout the golf putting stroke.

Golf Putting Distance Control

  1. Proper distance control is the most important aspect of putting.
  2. The key to avoiding a “3-putt” is to hit the first putt the correct distance.
  3. Look at the cup as an intermediate target – aim 9 to 18 inches past the cup.
  4. Avoid hitting short of the cup or below the cup.

Reading Greens: Breaks

  1. On the golf putting surface, examine the green and look for the lowest and highest points.
  2. The ball will break toward the lowest point – the more severe the “low” the more severe the break.
  3. Aim putt toward the top of the break rather than the cup.
  4. When in doubt, play more break.
  5. Ball tends to break toward water – if lake is nearby, expect the ball to break toward it.

Reading Greens: Grass

  1. Consider the grain and direction of the grass. Where grass looks darker, the grain will be “against you” and the putt will be slower; where grass looks shiny, the grain will be “with you” and the putt will be faster.
  2. Greens are typically faster earlier in the day when the greens are cut and slower at end of days as the grass grows.

Golf Putting Drills

  • Golf Putting Circle Drill
    • Place a few golf balls four feet from cup and work your way around.
    • Hole each ball moving clockwise
    • If you miss a putt, start again.
    • Once you hole all putts, move balls further back.
    • Golf Putting Alignment and Stroke Drill
      • Line up two clubs just wider than putter; practice 6-foot putts
      • Train putting stroke to go back and forward, straight and square
      • Maintain smooth pendulum stroke back and forward with steady tempo.
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