Playing the Golf Bunker Shot

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Most golfers recoil in disgust when their ball lands in either fairway bunkers or greenside bunkers.  On any given day, you will see countless golfers hacking away in the sand in a desperate attempt to get the ball airborne.  However, the golf bunker shot is really not that difficult to execute.  The problem is that golfers do not know how to set up properly for golf bunkers and they rarely get a chance to practice golf bunker shots.  Though we cannot execute the golf bunker shot for you, here are some quick golf tips to help successfully execute golf bunker shots. Note: the following golf bunker shot tips are for right handed golfers.

Greenside Golf Bunker Shot

  1. Use a sand wedge – open the clubface and open your stance with the clubface facing the target.  Notice the type of sand you are playing out of by feeling it with your feet (PGA rules do not allow you to “ground” your club in the sand before taking a golf bunker shot.) The softer the sand, the more “open” you position your clubface.
  2. Place 60% of weight on the left leg and leave it there throughout the golf bunker shot.
  3. Position your stance in the golf bunker so that the golf ball is forward in your stance.
  4. When taking the golf bunker shot, hit the sand 2 inches behind the ball.  It is critical keep your left arm straight throughout the golf bunker shot and control the shot by rotating the body, not the arms, through the shot.

Fairway Golf Bunker Shot

  1. Grip down on club 1 inch. Take one more club than usual (i.e., a 5-iron for a 6-iron shot) and swing smoother.
  2. Distribute weight evenly at address.
  3. Position body so that ball is in the middle of stance.
  4. Stand taller at address to avoid striking the sand first.
  5. Make sure to strike the ball cleanly from the sand.

Of course, your golf bunker shot game will improve with practice, but at a minimum, memorize these golf bunker shot tips and you will see your fear of golf bunker shots fade away. Bring all these golf practice drills in your daily practice routines to lower your golf score.

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