Setting Up and Executing Golf Pitch and Chip Shots

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Page 20: Golf Genie Tee to Green Pocket Guide

Over 60% of your golf score can be attributed to the short game and the degree that you can successfully execute the golf pitching shot and golf chipping shot is critical to improving your score.  To help you get the most out of your short game on or off the course, here are some critical golf pitching and chipping shot tips to become a short game master.

Golf Pitching Shot: Setup and Execution

  1. The “golf pitching shot” is typically used for distances from ten to seventy yards.
  2. The golf pitching shot spends more time in the air than on the ground.  When hitting golf pitching shots, use a lofted club such as a sand wedge (54 to 58 degrees loft) or lob wedge (59 to 62 degrees loft).
  3. Slightly open stance.
  4. Ensure that your ball position is slightly forward from the middle.
  5. Place your weight so that sixty percent of your weight is on your left foot and 40 percent is on your right foot. Keep this weight distribution throughout the golf pitching shot.
  6. Move hands down the grip and in front of the ball.  Grip the club slightly firmer in the golf pitching shot than you would for a normal golf shot.
  7. Keep steady pace and swing torso back and through the golf pitching shot.
  8. To control your distance, use the 7-8-9 golf pitching shot method where you swing your straight left arm back to the particular “hours” of a clock to achieve consistent distance control.  For example, if you swing your left arm back to the “9-o’clock” position and hit the ball 45 yards, then your 9 o’clock shot is for 45 yard golf pitching shots.  Practice this approach until you know your distance for “7 o’clock,” “8 o’clock” and “9 o’clock” shots.

Golf Chipping Shot: Setup and Execution

  1. The “golf chipping shot” is typically used when your ball is 3 to 6 feet off the putting surface.
  2. The golf chipping shot is used to land the ball onto the green as soon as possible toward the cup.
  3. When setting up for the golf chipping shot, distribute your weight so that 60 percent of your weight is on your left leg throughout the chip shot.
  4. Open your stance.
  5. Position yourself so that your ball position is right of center.
  6. Place your hands down the grip and in front of the ball.
  7. Make a smooth, easy stroke…do not let the left wrist brick in the golf chipping shot.
  8. Maintain the letter “Y” that is formed with your hands, arms and shoulders throughout the golf chipping shot stroke.

Practice these quick golf tips for the golf pitching and chipping shot regularly and watch your short game improve dramatically while your scores drop. All the golf practice drills are designed by pro PGA instructor.

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