Great Review of Practice Drills Pocket Guide!

Greg D’Andrea from the wildly popular blog “Golfstinks” just posted this great review of the Golf Practice Drills Pocket Guide.  We really like the Golfstinks blog because it shares our philosophy of simplifying and having more fun with the game!

Here is a link to the review or you can see the full text below:

The Genius Continues: Golf Genie Practice Drills

When I was playing golf wretchedly competitively on my high school team, we used to practice every day of the week. Drills, drills and more drills. And then walk 9 holes. I have two points to make on that:

First, I always needed a reminder on how do the drills. I mean, I remembered two or three of them, but I would always forget the rest (and there were a bunch). Second, for some reason (perhaps it was the omnipotent teenager in me), I never thought to stretch. On that later point:

The summer after my senior year (golf season had just ended) my sciatic nerve decided to incapacitate me for two weeks straight. I couldn’t drive (mainly because I couldn’t get in the car), or even walk really. And I certainly couldn’t golf…for like two months! I blame the whole ordeal on not stretching before teeing-off on the first hole.

Nearly 19 years later, I received the one product that would have solved both my problems: The Golf Genie Practice Drills Pocket Guide. The first four pages? Pre-swing stretches. The rest of the book? All the golf drills you could possibly imagine – all in one place and conveniently located right in your golf bag.

I’ll tell you what; I like this Golf Genie company. Last summer, I had nothing but praise for its Tee to Green Pocket Guide; “a practical, quick reference guide to pulling-off all the different golf shots you may encounter out on the course.”

The Practice Drills Pocket Guide, the company’s second offering, is the perfect compliment to the Tee to Green Pocket Guide. Packed with more than 60 pages of stretches and drills, this guide will get you prepared for your round, tournament or just a Nassau with your golf buddies.

Not playing golf today? Even better – the Practice Drills Pocket Guide features plenty of golf practice routines that can be performed at home, at the range or on the putting green. And perhaps my favorite; There’s a quick guide for 45-, 30-, 15- and 5-minute pre-round routines that can get your muscles an mind focused on the task at hand (of course, knowing how late I show up at the course, I’ll probably only have time for the 5-minute routine)!

As with the Tee to Green Pocket Guide, the Practice Drills Pocket Guide is easy to use. Each drill features a few numbered steps with simple and fun diagrams to get you going through the proper motions in seconds flat. No gimmicks or gadgets – just “PGA-proven” drills that were contributed by top PGA instructors.

Ready to add one to your golf bag? The Golf Genie Practice Drills Pocket Guide retails for $15 in pro-shops all over the country or at But in preparation for the upcoming season, we’ll be giving away 25 for free! Yep – five Practice Drills Pocket Guides a week for the next five weeks – all through our Facebook page. What do you have to do to get one? Just become a fan and wish yourself luck, because we’ll be choosing the winners at random!

Good luck Golfstinks fans! And remember: Practice makes perfect (or at least less wretched).

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