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Thanks to the good folks at WAM Golf for their review our Tee to Green and Practice Drills Pocket Guides.  Here is the link to the review.

The full review is also below.

Golf Genie Pocket Guide Review

I know what I’m supposed to do when I practice at the driving range. Pick out a point in the distance, take my preshot routine and play my shot as though I’m actually out on the golf course. I hear this all the time but when I’m hitting off a turf mat with a perfect lie, it couldn’t be further from reality. I actually only hit about 25% of the fairways I take aim at. I need practice from the rough, not perfect playing conditions. 

As the 2011 golf season approaches, I made a commitment to go from a 12 handicap to a single digit by the end of the season. This will require time at the driving range but it has to be spent properly. I decided I needed something to keep me focused while at the range. I did my Google searches online and came across the Golf Genie™

(The Golf Genie™ offers a Practice Drills Guide and Tee to Green Guide for on the course)

 Golf Genie™ features apps for the iPhone and Blackberry. Since I don’t have either of those, I went with the pocket guides. While they do fit in pocket (they are 5.8″ x 3.6″), I prefer carry them in my golf bag. They barely take up any space and are easily accessible. 

The Practice Drills Guide

The Practice Drills Pocket Guide (blue in the picture above) is exactly what I was looking for. It’s small, easy to read and is broken down by section. For example, The “Pre-Swing” section of the guide offers stretches to prepare you for practice while the “Back Swing” tab offers four drills with pictures for you to work on. 

The guide offers over 60 useful pages broken down into four sections: Full Swing, Short Game, Swing Faults and Practice Routines. It’s in full color and broken down with bullet points to make it easier to follow.

(A look inside the Practice Guide. It’s easy to read and follow with the tabs on the bottom.)

The Best Feature

In my opinion the best feature is the Practice Routines section. This section gives you tips to plan and mentally prepare before you go out and practice. To help you plan it offers sample 30 minute and 1 hour routines to help guide you. It also gives examples of “games” you can play to make practice a little more tolerable. 


In my opinion these guides are worth picking up for $14.99. The Practice Drills Pocket Guide is perfect for anyone who wants a sense of purpose when they practice. It’s not only allowed me to develop practice routines, it’s given me drills to help me improve on specific aspects of my game. It’s exactly what I had in mind when I began my search. 

The Tee to Green Pocket Guide is great for specific shots. I don’t know if I’ll use it much on the course but I know I’ll use it when I work on my game from a bunker or out of a bad lie. The tips on hitting over trees, out of fescue, and even reading putts will come in handy for more advanced practice sessions. If you’re in a cart during your round, it might not be a bad thing to have on hand if you encounter a shot you don’t regularly face.

There are plenty of guides available to help your golf game. I personally like the Golf Genie™ tools because they’re small, easy to read, and helpful. 

Who: Golf Genie

What: Golf Genie Pocket Guides

Where: Available on their website, iPhone, and Blackberry

Cost: $14.99

Why: To help you at the driving range, during practice, or on the golf course


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