Mashable names Golf Genie Practice Drills Pro for iPhone top golf mobile app

We are honored that, one of the most read and respected social media sites with 40M monthly page views has named Golf Genie as top golf mobile app pick for 2011.

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The pro golf season has kicked off with the heralded Masters Tournament in Augusta. Golf enthusiasts can rejoice in another season of watching the best players drive, chip, pitch and putt their way to victory.

Golfing is one of those addictive yet highly frustrating sports that can leave you feeling like a PGA pro one day and a novice the next. In golf, practice sometimes makes perfect, but any round can have a mind of its own regardless of how many hours you’ve put into the range. If anything though, true golfers are dedicated to the craft and will doggedly continue on their quest for the perfect swing. 

These eight mobile apps might not get you to the Masters, but they may at least make you feel like you’re worthy of playing at Augusta.

1. Golf Genie Practice Drills PRO

golf genie image 

This app acts like your virtual golf instructor and provides a whole slew of practice drills for your full swing and short game. Designed by PGA Tour pros, it also provides specific solutions and drills to address common swing faults like hooking, pulling, pushing and slicing. You can use the customization features to pick and choose which drills you’d like to focus on and then create your own personalized practice routine. It’s also available for BlackBerry phones.

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