If you play golf, you should use Nuun

Nuun Optimal Hydration

At Golf Genie, we love it when we come across companies that embrace our principles of simplicity, portability and convenience.  In the past, our music collections needed their own rooms.  Now, all we need is a tiny device that fits in our pockets that stores more music than used to fill up a medium sized residence.  The same goes for our financial lives.  Mint.com seems to have won the convenience race in this category.   On Mint’s website, all of our money appears categorized and organized after signing in.  No more paper statements or remembering 8 different usernames to get a hold of our financial lives.  It all shows up in a single profile.

Nuun has taken these concepts and applied them to hydration.  When we think of sports drinks, a few brands come to mind (Gatorade, PowerAde, Vitamin water, etc.) To everyone’s surprise, none have really simplified their products the way Nuun has. 

Along with its low calories, low sugar, and effectiveness, Nuun could win the hydration war based on its portability alone.  What used to require cooler space, a strong friend (or two), a case of bottled liquids, and a place to dispose of the containers now only requires a pocket to fit in.  Nuun’s 12-tablet case fits almost anywhere a roll of quarters does and weighs in at less than an ounce.  This is less than an ounce of weight to make 12-sixteen ounce sports drinks.

The most user-friendly hydration product on the market first established itself in fitness-related sports.  Its portability is perfect for cyclists who lack the requisite carrying space for more than one bottle of fluid.  Next, Nuun’s popularity soared in golf, where carrying a 40 pound bag is the norm.  Caddies certainly prefer Nuun’s minimal occupancy vs. carrying 4 bottles of sugar filled electrolyte drinks.  On the player side, water coolers have always and are continuing to be the norm on course, so with a capsule of Nuun, players only need to bring a bottle to the course.  Nuun offers those too.

Appealing to another class of golfer, Nuun’s electrolyte replacing system works wonders for players who spend more time at the 19th hole.   

Overall, Nuun helps the competitive golfer as much as the “recreational” golfer.  That’s why tour players like Davis Love III and Lucas Glover have Nuun in their bag.  At Golf Genie, we have jumped on the Nuun bandwagon as well as hydration in the intense southern heat is key at all times.  Whether on or off the course, Nuun keeps us at the top of our game.

So give a Nuun a try.  We’re sure you will agree that Nuun provides optimal hydration in a convenient package.  What’s not to like about that?

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